Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ding ding ding ding!!!

God is so good!!

I've already received all the money I need for my trip to the Philippines! Thank you all again for being so generous and offering to keep me in your prayers. It has been a true blessing, and I'm very grateful.

In addition, I'm posting this in hopes that people who may have not replied yet will look before they mail me back.

I don't believe I have posted when I'll be gone and such. So, we drive to Phoenix on May 30th and fly to LA that evening, leave LA early on the 31st and go to Hong Kong and then Cebu. We'll be returning to Phoenix on July 28th and probably drive back to Cruces the 30th or so depending on how jet lagged we are.

Thank you all again! And please continue to keep me in your prayers.


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