Friday, June 4, 2010

Another eventful day in Cebu

Yesterday started out with Molly and I visiting a nearby neighborhood to handout flyers promoting the clinic. On the way, we stopped out my new favorite bakery. They have delicious bread, and I LOVE bread! :) Even better than that, the bread costs like 2.00 or 5.00 pesos, which is only about 4 to 10 cents. It's wonderful. Walking through the neighborhood we saw A LOT of poverty, but the people we're very kind and most of them just stared at Molly and I. The kids were very friendly with us too :)

Later that day, we got to see our first birth! It was amazing! First off, I gotta say, the Filipino women handle the pain extremely well, I don't know if I'll see that so much in America. Hilary said part of the reason is they don't know any other way; meaning, they haven't heard of an epidural. Anyways, the baby came out with the umbilical chord wrapped around her neck twice, so they quickly untangled her and placed her on her mommy's belly where another nurse and I got to pat her dry. Then I got to clamp the chord and cut it :) After that, they handed me the baby, and another nurse walked me through the assessment and initial check up. Listening to the precious baby's heartbeat for the first time outside her mommy's tummy was unreal. I'm just in awe of God's handiwork and all of the intricacies that goes into the human body and human life in general. The little baby girl was very blue at first so I hooked her up to oxygen and she pinkened up quickly. The Filipino babies are beautiful! They come out with soft hair and great color! I had to give the baby her first shot, which she didn't like too much but after that I got to swaddle and hold her until they were done fixing up her mommy. Molly, was on the other side of the delivery with the mom, where she got to deliver the placenta and suture the mom up! How cool! So next time we're going to switch it up :) We got lots of pictures with the baby and the mom. She wants to add us on Facebook! haha. I'll post some on Facebook because I've had difficult getting the pictures on here. There was another mom in labor so we stayed at the clinic and waited for the next one. But the labor was going very slow (it's her first baby). So after putting in 13 hours, we called it a day and headed home.

So for the most part it was an exciting day with the new life entering the world. But on a sadder note, one of the mom's came in, and they couldn't find a heartbeat :( After an ultrasound, they confirmed that the baby had died. Please keep this young mommy in your prayers that God would comfort her and draw her near to Him.


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