Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vaccines and Outreach

So it's been fairly quite around the clinic as of late, which just means that we should be seeing quite a few babies entering the world any day now! There are quite a few mom's on the verge of popping, so hopefully I'll get to see another birth soon :)

On Friday, Molly and I attended the church's youth group. The youth group is supposedly for ages 15-25, but we were a little weary when the message was about getting good grades to honor your parents...haha. But we decided to stick with it a little more and did an outreach with them on Monday, and we met a lot of people and discovered that they are our age which was exciting :) We visited the children's wing of one of the public hospitals and sang, talked, gave gifts and food, and prayed with the families that were there. It was a sad situation in many of the cases because the people don't always get better when they are at the public hospital. We also visited kids in the malnutrition ward which was heartbreaking :( I saw a little baby that was supposed to be 1 year old; but she was just skin and bones and the size of maybe a 3 month old, and she had what looked like a cataract in one eye. It was a very sad situation after typically seeing happy and healthy babies. But it was exciting to see a little hope when we brought them food and gifts and sang "Jesus Loves Me." Hopefully we were able to share a little bit of God's love with them and brighten their day.

At the clinic, I've been working with the Red Team, which has been a blast :) The girls are really fun, and it's been awesome getting to know them and becoming friends. They've also been teaching me some Cebuano, so I'm working on that :) I also learned how to do gram stains, which is .... interesting. haha. I've also been doing a lot of shots but doing baby vaccines isn't very fun :( I don't like making the babies cry, but at least it's keeping them healthy in the long run. But once again, we're hoping to see some more action coming up soon :)

As far a prayer requests, just pray for energy :) We're trying to stay involved with lots of different things - the clinic, youth group, visiting patients, and working with Father Heinz. We're going to the dump site this Thursday with Pastor Heinz, so that should be quite an experience.

Love you guys!!


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